Material : Annealed Copper
Finishing : Tin Plated

Item No. Ampere Dimension (W x T) Temp. test on 1mtr Cable Lug Packing Unit
FCB-30A 30A 10.5mmW x 1.4mmT 10 oC 10mm2 50 mtr
FCB-60A 60A 16.0mmW x 1.6mmT 17 oC 16mm2 50 mtr
FCB-100A 100A 20.0mmW x 2.0mmT 32 oC 25mm2 50 mtr
FCB-150A 150A 20.0mmW x 3.0mmT 45 oC 35mm2 50 mtr
FCB-200A 200A 25.0mmW x 3.0mmT 50 oC 50mm2 50 mtr
FCB-300A 300A 38.0mmW x 4.0mmT 50 oC 95mm2 50 mtr
FCD-400A 400A 48.0mmW x 5.0mmT 51 oC 150mm2 50 mtr

* We can supply ” cut to length ” with terminal
* Connection from 60A up to 2,000A