Model LK-330
Printing Method Thermal Transfer Printing
Resolution 300 dpi
Character Sizes 1.3mm – 8mm
Max Number of Input Pages 198
PVC Tube ø 2.5mm – 6mm
Lable Tape Exclusive Cassette (White, Yellow and Silver)
Width: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm; Length: 6m
Printing Speed 11.5mm/sec
Display LCD, White Color Background, displaying up to 5 lines
Built-in Memory Approx. 100,000 Characters
Character Input Alphabet, Chinese, Number, Symbol
Cutting Method Automatic Full-Cutting, Automatic Half-Cutting
Power Supply DC 12V, 2A (Use only Specified AC Adapter)
Dimensions (w x d x h) 290Wmm x 350Lmm x 95Hmm
Weight 2.0 kg – Printer only
LM-33B Ink Ribbon Cassette, Black, 80mtr/pc
LM-33W Ink Ribbon Cassette, White, 80mtr/pc
LM-33R Ink Ribbon Cassette, Red, 80mtr/pc
LM-33BL Ink Ribbon Cassette, Blue, 80mtr/pc
LM-506WL Label Cassette Tape, White, 6mm x 20mtr
LM-506YL Label Cassette Tape, Yellow, 6mm x 20mtr
LM-506SL Label Cassette Tape, Silver, 6mm x 20mtr
LM-509WL Label Cassette Tape, White, 9mm x 20mtr
LM-509YL Label Cassette Tape, Yellow, 9mm x 20mtr
LM-509SL Label Cassette Tape, Silver, 9mm x 20mtr
LM-512WL Label Cassette Tape, White, 12mm x 20mtr
LM-512YL Label Cassette Tape, Yellow, 12mm x 20mtr
LM-512SL Label Cassette Tape, Silver, 12mm x 20mtr